Posted by: ideaman | January 29, 2011

The Possibilites are Endless!

Exciting things are happening with our Enzymatic Fluids. I am seeing a never-ending possibility take place with more and more areas.
Think about this: What if desert areas high in sand content and definitely lacking in water were able to be farmed with minimal amounts of water? What if the fractional water otherwise known as frac water left over from the natural gas extraction process could be cleaned within days and reinserted back into the eco system? What if the terribly polluted waters left over from the process of extracting oil from tar sands could be cleaned immediately without years and years of waiting? How about the simple idea of alleviating sewage at portable potties of their terrible, but nastily perfumed odors? And then to take that same sewage and have it composted within a short 3-6 month process into commercial grade fertilizer. Now there is a beautiful recycling plan!

My thoughts go on and on and the possibilities gain ground the more I think about this wonderful Enzymatic Fluid that can help us with our environmental issues!


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